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end goal

Eventually, the end goal is to be able to work as little as possible while still generating a significant revenue stream.

But this does take time. And not only does it take time, but the results are mainly seen towards the end of the campaign. For example, you could spend a year setting up your own small business with little or no profits. But by year two and three, your profits increase. By year 5 the business will likely turn an exceptional profit provided you have paid attention to what works.

Take things slowly, track what works, and optimize as you move along. It might appear at first glance that things are not appearing as quickly as you expect. You will run into obstacles and there will be unexpected things that you did not foresee. But this is all per- fectly natural. Every business owner or entrepreneur runs into these difficulties.

You must learn to be patient with yourself. You can’t work all the time and you only have a finite amount of energy reserves avail- able. In all industries, you learn to leverage other resources as you go along so you get maximum return on the effort that you in- vest. This always takes time. Part of taking things slowly is learning to take regular breaks and frequent holidays. At least in the beginning, you will be working something akin to a 9 – 5. But you should not work more. The fact of the matter is that people who work overtime and stress themselves out deliver sloppy work. They don’t think clearly, and they frequently make mistakes.

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