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get organised

Organization is important in all areas of life.

Without being organized, it is nearly impossible to deliver value to customers.

The basic requirements of being organized in terms of an online business include:

• Employees and freelancers

• Customer service

• Scaling up the business

• Product/service creation and delivery

• Delivering more value to the customer

Within each of these broad categories are a large number of sub- categories to choose from. You need to stay on top of it all as
best you can. In a corporation, you would typically have a clearly defined role and nearly everything else would be taken care of. But as a solopreneur, you need to do everything yourself. There are tools available that can help you to manage all of the moving parts of an online business. Some of the better and more well known tools include:

• Evernote – Excellent for personal note organization across devices.
• MailChimp – For managing email marketing campaigns.

• Buffer – For social media management across a variety of platforms.
• Slack – User-friendly communication tool.

Personal organization is extremely important and you need to be disciplined in terms of when you work. You will need to get into a routine in order to deliver high-quality products and services to customers. After a year or two of organization and consistency, you can then take your foot off the pedal a little. You can use a tool like Microsoft Excel to create a table to keep track of all the different aspects of your business.

You also need to master your own psychology and get organized across all areas of life before you really set yourself up for successful. The business is not entirely separate from your personal life, though others might try to tell you this. It is rare to be extremely unhappy and disorganized in one area of life and be a huge success in the other. Be organized, systematic, and detailed across all possible dimensions.

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